Základní škola s rozšířenou výukou jazyků k Milíčovu

Our School

We are a Faculty School of the Charles University Pedagogical Faculty in Prague.

Our school education program is called “Škola pro vzájemné porozumění”


This Primary school K Milíčovu was established in 1978. Since 1991 it has been a school with extended teaching of languages. Our students start learning their 1st foreign language in class 1 and their 2nd foreign language in class 6. We teach German and English. A native speaker teaches some of the German lessons.


Our school regularly takes part in Socrates – Comenius projects. We regularly organize trips to Germany for our students. Our students work on international projects, which help them to establish close contacts. Even with students from our partner Schools in Lips and Nuremberg. Both teachers and students go on exchanges with teachers and students from German schools. Our students successfully take part in German language competitions. Our school participates in Comenius activity 1 – Language project. Our students are able to use 3 computer classrooms with access to the Internet. Our students enter not only foreign language competitions, but they show their vast knowledge of school subjects in other competitions, too. Our pupils often achieve success in entrance exams for secondary schools.


We particularly aim at encouraging the full development of students’ talents. We want them to be prepared for the life in United Europe. Pupils need to be able to communicate in foreign languages and be computer literate. Projects and other activities connected with these development need support not only moral but mainly financially.


  • School opening 7.40
  • Ringing for preparation 7.55
  • 1.lesson 8.00 – 8.45
  • 2.lesson 8.55 – 9.40
  • 3.lesson 10.00 – 10.45
  • 4.lesson 10.55 – 11.40
  • 5.lesson 11.50 – 12.35
  • 6.lesson 12.45 – 13.30
  • 7.lesson 13.40 – 14.25
  • 8.lesson 14.35 – 15.20

Náš kalendář

Success of our pupils